This is a (developing) list of people and places using the NRM. If they are on this list, then it (sort of) implies they have some experience of it, in a variety of contexts; so if you want to talk it over with them, then please use the contact details listed. If you want to be listed, please complete the form below:

WhoWhere/WhenContactContextWhat’s Happening
 Fr. Simon RundellBickleigh Down CofE VA Primary School, Woolwell, Plymouth

Every Friday at 12:20pm and Termly for Whole School Collective Worship
07976 802123 MassApprox 10-15 Young People in KS2 come in their lunchtime. Fully open communion (in one kind only) weekly. Whole School Mass communicates only those admitted to Holy Communion. We use individual rhymes during Collective Worship throughout the year.


The NRM is so fully internalised that when the projector wasn’t working they sang the whole thing without visual aids,


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